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on 2016-11-06 19:16:39 by admin

- you can only have one account.
- any attempt to create more than one account will lead to the termination of all of them.
- logging in from proxies or shared network environments is not allowed.
- each attempt, in any way, to hack into the system will be logged.
- you are not allowed to spam (post other websites links in chat & forum)
- we have the right to suspend your account at any time for any valid reason including, but not limited to, the disrespect of our Terms of Service.
- all suspended accounts will have all their balances reset, all referrals are taken away, and no refunds will be given.
- all suspended accounts will be archived, and you cannot register using the same username or email addresses.
- we have the right to modify the amounts (free amount given by faucet, Roll Dice, the withdrawal amount, etc) without notice.

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on 2017-04-16 14:41:01 by fuckingadmin

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