Author Topic: Website news and announcements


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on 2016-11-08 09:37:49 by admin

This is the only place where you can read Coin Drip official news and announcements.


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on 2017-04-16 14:40:37 by fuckingadmin

hey thief admin! fuck your mother !


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on 2017-01-29 22:03:08 by rafael041996

I have not received my payment despite my payment of 0.002 bitcoin step from pending to paid


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on 2017-01-11 17:30:18 by tawros11

no withdrawal of funds to the wallet (2016-12016-12-28 10:56:54 0.00299463 1FKJvc3xZjv6MkN8QDM2Fan2YendRWwwg9 Pending ) [email protected]


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on 2017-01-07 17:32:05 by AndresHiAlready

solicite el retiro y esta en estado pendiente tres dias.... me puede ayudar ,,, gracias


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on 2016-12-19 18:28:07 by killinem

has the minimum amount to claim been reduce? can you please explain us what happened ?